Providence Church Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of Providence Church is to glorify God. From creation to the cross, God’s glory is the principal matter. No feeble attempt of man’s hand can add to His glory, yet all we do has the glory of God as its end.

We endeavor:

  • To preach the gospel of free grace to our generation
  • To faithfully teach and rightly divide the word of God
  • To edify gospel believers
  • To give attention to spiritual worship for gospel believers
  • To support families in trying days
  • To instruct children in the way of grace
  • To help the sick, the weak and needy
  • To pray for our country and world in dark times
  • To hold fellowship with other congregations that believe the gospel

The mission of Providence Church is to be true to her core system of beliefs, which will be delineated in the following Doctrinal Statement. As God is inseparable from His attributes, Christ is inseparable from His accomplishments. Those accomplishments are finished, fixed, and inflexible. While religion is ever-vacillating and adapting to culture, a gospel church abides faithful to her never-changing God, her always-the-same Lord, and her forever-fixed mission and message. We are ever-vigilant to keep our methods consistent with our message, and resist being blown about by the shifting winds of false doctrine.

Direct scriptural references are not made for two reasons: length of the statement and fluidity in reading.